Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The two far sides of the spectrum

On one hand I'm going to call the doc in the morning about my neck. Being totally not-functional with a spasming neck is not working out.

On the other hand I decided to be optimistic about this not derailing my running goals and registered for the Monster Mash 5k in Eugene. Hubby thinks I shouldn't have with the neck injury, but hoping they can do something to get me back out on the road... it's not til Oct. 30th anyway. Praying hard that the doc can do something for me. Heck I'd even take a shot at this point, and I LOATHE needles, so you know the pain's gotta be bad!

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  1. For what it's worth - I ALWAYS feel sick or injured before a race. Always. Even before Portland - and then I PR'd. Before the Seattle half I seriously couldn't run more than 2 miles because of my IT band. Less than 24 hours before I was set to head North I went to the doctor, he gave me 8 shots in the leg and I was back to perfect again! So don't worry - you'll end up back to normal before race day is here!