Friday, August 10, 2012

Should I or Shouldn't I

So I am thinking of trying to run some of the Pre course on the weekends.

On one hand it would probably be good for conditioning with all the hills and such and I wouldn't be in for such a shock on race day.

On the other hand. I'm scared that if I do horrible running that stretch that I'll get demoralized pretty quickly. I'm still only at 3 miles of running as my base and 5 weeks to raise that as much as I can.

Dear Prefontaine 10K: You and your Agony Hill scare the crap out of me still. :P

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

long time no post! but still out there running!

So long time no post! I have been a super slacker blogger, but still running! I'm in my THIRD cycle of Couch to 5K (this should show how slackery I can get, haha) and just finished Week 7 yesterday. One more week and I'm complete, and then next month I do Round 2 with the Prefontaine 10k. Woot! Figure I'll try to do some 4-5 mile runs on the weekends from now on so that 6.2 won't come as quite a shock, can't hurt!

I won some Mizuno Wave Rider 15's from Long Legs on the Loose that should be arriving any day now and am super excited to get them! I run in super cheapo Nike Initiator's I got for under $20 on clearance at JC Penney so I'm stoked to see if a pricier pair really do kick some running booty or if it's overpriced hype.

Also, I did my best time ever yesterday by swapping my regular rockmyrun running mix out for a Rammstein only mix. I thought that was funny! Might need to make a Rammstein playlist for the Pre ;)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Do I even deserve to be called a runner?

Even though I read the books, subscribe to the magazine and visit all the blogs, and even get out there and do my 12 minute mile pace, it feels like I'm an imposter when I say I like to "run" or I am going for a "run". Like I should be saying that I'm going jogging instead. Even Runkeeper feels like something to be used by the cheetah runners, and not certainly by me. I think I'm in a speed funk. I don't want to push too hard when I'm THISCLOSE to finishing C25K V2.0, so I keep at a pace I know that I can hold vs. pushing even harder and not reaching my goal. One more week of C25K and then speedwork is my next goal. I want to have a 10 minute mile pace again.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Swingset Sweepstakes

My kids would so totally adore this! They love to be outdoors and have fun climbing and swinging so this would be right up thier alley. Totally crossing my fingers!

Would totally love to win this!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Long time no see!

Okay, I think my time of temporarily flaking out on this blog is over. After I graduated from C25K I kinda got lost... 9 weeks of having a strict fitness plan was a huge motivator and bonus for me. I like having rules and guidelines... when left to my own devices I end up doing whatever and being lazy and not being the healthy individual that I am striving to be. Also swapping my runs to indoor has been very, very rough. I am extremely slow and poky on the treadmill. Today, official Day 1 Week 1 of Bridge to 10k, I only managed half of the distance that I'm supposed to be covering. It's hilariously sad. :P But it's still exercise, so I pressed on. I'm glad to have an app and a plan again, something to follow. Next to come is a goal list!

Here's a pic from today's 'fun' on the treadmill
yeah. i realize I'm horribly poky slow on this thing vs. outside.     

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Can't believe I've hit Graduation Week

I'm at Week 9, I can't believe it. When I first decided to do Couch to 5k after being inspired by my friend Annie, I thought this would be like most projects that I started and uh, didn't exactly finish, but NO I actually followed through this time! Yesterday was Week 9 Day 1 and though I did it on the treadmill, (now understand why I have heard it referred to as the dreadmill).
Though it was crazy hot and I turn into a nuclear reactor when I run, I managed to run for 30 minutes straight! That's just crazy! I can remember Week 1 Day 1 and huffing and puffing at 1 minute of running and thinking there was just no way that I would ever be a runner when I was that out of shape. It's so exciting to be on graduation week. It seriously seems like the time has flown by and I am shocked that graduation is Sunday. Wonder what my next program will be? I need a program to keep myself accountable! Oh and I'm so proud of my hubby! He did work straight to church board meeting til 11pm, and then came home and did his run! SO SO proud of him!!

And btw: Does anyone know why one is SO much slower on a treadmill than outside? It's SO weird! Why do I feel like I'm going uncomfortably fast on the treadmill when I manage that fine on the pavement??

Friday, October 14, 2011

So excited!!

Traded an old laptop that we resuscitated with $20 and $20 for a new keyboard  for.....


folds up so I can keep it in the living room!

sweet digital display!
 I'm so thrilled! Not bad for a $40 treadmill! Everything works great on it, and now I'm not scared of the rainy days that are coming! Or getting in a workout before bed! Extra exclamation marks!!! ;) I might be just a tad amped...