Saturday, October 8, 2011

Most awesome run EVER

Last night Week 7 Day 3 was on the docket for the hubby and I. Once again the weather decided NOT to cooperate and to be a total biotch by lightly raining. So we put the giant umbrella over the stroller and headed out. In way it was really nice because there was no getting too hot because there was always a nice mist to cool me down, lol. At .33 miles we took off running like we normally do (Couch to 5K requires a 5 minute warm-up walk). We ran down the streets we normally did, went down one and back to add in some extra mileage, and I hit this point where my legs just kept on going and I was in some kind of running zone. It was such a welcome difference from when I try to countdown the 5 minute alerts on my phone that the app gives me. I was enjoying being out there, seeing the houses pass, enjoying the smell of the rain and the scenery. It seemed like it went by so fast, and then all of a sudden my hubby was asking how much longer we had and I said 1 minute. He thought I was joking and had cut it short, since I was worried about him having another bad asthma attack like he did after Week 7 Day 2. So we cut across two streets when the 5 minute cooldown run started and then we RAN HOME. That's how good we felt. It was 5 blocks down, but felt amazing! I hope more of my Couch to 5k runs feel like this. Though we are trying to find a treadmill because the pouring rain is imminent and it's going to suck to run out there in it.

BTW: Here is a good resource for running remixes, Rock My Run I downloaded one that I used last night and it was AWESOME. Ke$sha, Muse, The White Stripes, Shiny Toy Guns. Seriously amazing. Totally got me in a great running mood too.  Bring on Week 8!!


  1. That's great you still got out there in the rain!! and it felt good. Thanks for that resource. THat is sweet.

  2. That sounds fabulous! I love the times when I get into a zone. It is so rare, but when it happens I get so excited!