Thursday, October 6, 2011

So THAT'S what a sunrise looks like!

So despite doing W7D2 yesterday, my awesome friend Andrea wanted to run in the morning, and I will take whatever running opportunity I can, even when it's in the morning, when I cannot function until 10 am.

Got up at 6. Plan was we would heat out at 6:30. Notice it's still pitch black outside. Not good. I like to stay alive and not get hit by cars. Do a quick check of sunrise. 7:15. CRAP. Didn't plan that out very well. Text her to say we will go out at 7. Did I mention the weather forecast had sunshine? No clouds? Did I mention that it was raining this morning? What's up with that???

Anyway, we soldiered on, ran, walked a crazy hill, ran some more and then got to talking, and well... walked the rest except for a few bursts of running to not be total slackers! Hence my craptacular pace. For doing 6.5 miles in less than 24 hours I think I did ok ;) Now to save energy for Week 7 Day 3 on Friday night and then onward to Week 8 next week! (I'm a bit excited to be nearing the finish, can you tell?)


  1. I notice you did a crazy hill ... I kind of always figure that no matter where you run you are going to have to do hills! Of course my only experience is that course we ran last month - so you can see why I have that vision. You'll probably end up smoking fast at the Monster Mash if it is the same course as last year. So flat! The only elevation changes were going over bridges - and that was pretty minor!

  2. Haha yeah, there's really no course I can map near my home without wicked hills. The switchback course we do main C25k runs goes back and forth down the streets in my immediate neighborhood and that's the flattest. That's part of the reason why I'm excited to do the 5k in Eugene, how much fun is it going to be to run on a flat course?! EEEE! So excited, lol.