Saturday, November 5, 2011

Long time no see!

Okay, I think my time of temporarily flaking out on this blog is over. After I graduated from C25K I kinda got lost... 9 weeks of having a strict fitness plan was a huge motivator and bonus for me. I like having rules and guidelines... when left to my own devices I end up doing whatever and being lazy and not being the healthy individual that I am striving to be. Also swapping my runs to indoor has been very, very rough. I am extremely slow and poky on the treadmill. Today, official Day 1 Week 1 of Bridge to 10k, I only managed half of the distance that I'm supposed to be covering. It's hilariously sad. :P But it's still exercise, so I pressed on. I'm glad to have an app and a plan again, something to follow. Next to come is a goal list!

Here's a pic from today's 'fun' on the treadmill
yeah. i realize I'm horribly poky slow on this thing vs. outside.