Saturday, November 5, 2011

Long time no see!

Okay, I think my time of temporarily flaking out on this blog is over. After I graduated from C25K I kinda got lost... 9 weeks of having a strict fitness plan was a huge motivator and bonus for me. I like having rules and guidelines... when left to my own devices I end up doing whatever and being lazy and not being the healthy individual that I am striving to be. Also swapping my runs to indoor has been very, very rough. I am extremely slow and poky on the treadmill. Today, official Day 1 Week 1 of Bridge to 10k, I only managed half of the distance that I'm supposed to be covering. It's hilariously sad. :P But it's still exercise, so I pressed on. I'm glad to have an app and a plan again, something to follow. Next to come is a goal list!

Here's a pic from today's 'fun' on the treadmill
yeah. i realize I'm horribly poky slow on this thing vs. outside.     


  1. I was the same - after C25K I realized I HAD to constantly have races coming up or I wouldn't train for anything. I'm trying to resume training tonight actually. It gets tough with the weather, but at the same time it is kind of fun to be able to go to work and say you ran 5 miles out in the dark, rain, ice and snow!

    Good luck with your indoor training!

  2. Good evening.

    I see that you came by to leave a comment on my blog about the photograph that I found of the little ballerina. I provided a link to WE HEART IT, where I found it. Like many tumblr sites, the original photographer's name is not always given. Please provide the link to the rightful owner of this photograph and I will be most happy to link to the photographer. I have a disclaimer posted on my side bar stating that I do NOT take credit for these photos, and if anyone sees a photo that was not correctly cited, to let me know in a kind manner and I will correct the error. Thank you and do give me the link and I will change it.