Tuesday, August 7, 2012

long time no post! but still out there running!

So long time no post! I have been a super slacker blogger, but still running! I'm in my THIRD cycle of Couch to 5K (this should show how slackery I can get, haha) and just finished Week 7 yesterday. One more week and I'm complete, and then next month I do Round 2 with the Prefontaine 10k. Woot! Figure I'll try to do some 4-5 mile runs on the weekends from now on so that 6.2 won't come as quite a shock, can't hurt!

I won some Mizuno Wave Rider 15's from Long Legs on the Loose that should be arriving any day now and am super excited to get them! I run in super cheapo Nike Initiator's I got for under $20 on clearance at JC Penney so I'm stoked to see if a pricier pair really do kick some running booty or if it's overpriced hype.

Also, I did my best time ever yesterday by swapping my regular rockmyrun running mix out for a Rammstein only mix. I thought that was funny! Might need to make a Rammstein playlist for the Pre ;)


  1. Whoa - I can't believe Prefontaine is coming up again so quickly. Doesn't it feel like we were just doing that race??

    Maybe these new Mizunos will be the key to a fabulous Pre!

    1. I know right? Crazy! We need to figure out a way to meet since we missed each other at the track lol. I hope the running shoes help, and to kick butt. You'll PR I bet with your crazy mileage you are doing :)

  2. Hope you are enjoying your Mizunos!

  3. Haven't gotten them yet but am hoping they arrive soon! Thanks!