Sunday, March 4, 2012

Do I even deserve to be called a runner?

Even though I read the books, subscribe to the magazine and visit all the blogs, and even get out there and do my 12 minute mile pace, it feels like I'm an imposter when I say I like to "run" or I am going for a "run". Like I should be saying that I'm going jogging instead. Even Runkeeper feels like something to be used by the cheetah runners, and not certainly by me. I think I'm in a speed funk. I don't want to push too hard when I'm THISCLOSE to finishing C25K V2.0, so I keep at a pace I know that I can hold vs. pushing even harder and not reaching my goal. One more week of C25K and then speedwork is my next goal. I want to have a 10 minute mile pace again.


  1. Just keep at it! No one became a speed demon overnight...

  2. Two runs ago I broke down in tears MULTIPLE times. I mean I flat out got off the treadmill and plopped on my mom's fainting couch. I don't dare repeat the words that came out of my mouth. I cried while sitting. I cried while running. I HATED it. I finished the run and refused to speak to my family as I just grabbed my purse and left for my own house. Running and I were NOT in sync.

    Then last night I ran and realized that sometimes the running sucks, but then it gets better and I feel awesome!

    So ... don't give up. Don't feel like you aren't fast enough. Just keep on trying and enjoying those moments that make it worth it!