Thursday, September 29, 2011

Three things Thursday...

Three random things in my head about running....
1) Why do most running blogs I read use garmins instead of their smartphones? Preference? Lack of data plan? Does Garmin have something awesome that apps do not? I looked up the price of one of those puppy's and was in OMG shock. For that price I'd buy a iPhone4! Although I have seen that they have heart monitors that come with them and that would be amazingly helpful to have an accurate idea of the calories I've burned instead of just guesstimating a boatload and using Runkeeper ;)

2) Running blogs are SO inspiring! I'm a mom of two. I'm TIRED. I was up last night at 10, 11, 12, 1, 2 and 3 because my oldest (4) kept waking up crying. Today the hubby and I are going to tackle Week 6 Day 3 of Couch to 5k. If you are unaware, this particular day is a 5 minute brisk walk and then 25 minutes straight of running, no breaks! and then a 5 minute cooldown. On days like this when my energy level is not quite where it should be, I like to read blog after blog. Reading recaps of other people's accomplishments is so motivating to me.... totally gets my head in gear, even if the energy level is trying to get there as well!

3) I need to eat better.... I had a hot dog rollup with the kids today (hot dog in a tortilla) and though the hot dog was one of those healthier preservative-free ones I still felt yuck afterwards. Can't wait for a new food budget tomorrow so I can eat cleaner like I want to.

and now a pic of the kiddos on the route we are going to take tonight to do 3 miles! May quite possibly be the redneck capitol of Oregon but at least there's beautiful scenery to run by!


  1. you won the uprinting giveaway! i need your email address though -- please come leave it on the winner announcement post. you can leave it in email AT address DOT com form to prevent computer troll programs from finding it if you'd like :) (these uprinting people gave me many requirements/rules!)

    i have a garmin... it was a gift to myself a couple years ago. i had to get over the sticker shock too! my boyfriend (now husband) told me it was justified because i run so much/like to run, it would be a worthwhile purchase. it's not like it's going to be wasted! i would be afraid of dropping my phone or getting sweat damage, but i'm sure some people don't mind running with them. i also think that a lot of people feel like they "have" to have certain things in order to be a "real" runner, which just isn't true.

  2. Awesome! Yay! Those will come in so handy for Christmastime :D Will head over to your blog to post my email

    I didn't think about the dropping of the smartphone bit. The garmin has me there... although I have it in a snug little arm holder so it can't fall out. Though it's going to be tricky when the rain comes... (thinking my phone in a ziplock bag, lol).

  3. 3) I am a terrible eater! With all the running and swimming I do I should be skinny. Sadly, I just love myself a good French fry too darn much!

    2) I don't know how the mom's do it. How do they run, take care of families, work, sleep, function, race, run FAST?? I'm always in awe!

    1) I LOVE my Garmin!! I started with a Nike+ sensor when I was first running. I realized during early races that the calibration was way off. I could never get it to set. So I splurged and got a Garmin. I swear my running immediately improved. I like being able to look down and see all of my stats. There is so much it can do that I am just now learning. Like the intervals I'm doing - I learned I could program that on the computer and then tell it to beep at me during my runs. I still haven't tested the heart rate monitor. I just love it. I can't run without it anymore. I feel naked. Plus I'm anal and like to have numerical record of all that I am doing. - and I do look back at it from time to time for comparison.

    As far as my phone - I do bring it on longer runs just in case of emergency. Once I got an iPhone (which was just days before the Pre) I started putting it in a ziplock back in my iFitness belt so that it wouldn't get damp from rain or sweat.

    I swear I can't run light!