Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Prefontaine Memorial 10k

So despite only finishing up week 4 of couch to 5k, I bravely (or is it foolhardedly?) decided to do the Prefontaine Memorial 10k in my hometown. I begged and pleaded on facebook for a buddy to do it with and finally a friend volunteered who was excited to do it too! When I woke up Saturday I was SO nervous and nauseous. I managed to get down a banana and a drink of water and that was it. My friend Andrea picked me up and we had to bust butt to get to pick up her number before it started. That was good warm up though.

The excitement at the starting line was crazy and exciting. I loved it! Tried not to get caught up in the adrenaline of the pack but it was no use, we ran until the beginning of agony hill. Andrea said she wasn't in good shape but the girl was awesome, Im not sure I would have done so well without someone pushing me so much. I loved being out there, the people cheering, the water stations lol, and doing something so far out of my comfort zone! By the return to agony hill I hit the wall. I got sausage fingers, felt yucky, and told Andrea she could ditch me anytime.

(that would be Andrea kicking butt and running in the middle while I hit the wall, lol)
Our goal was 1hr30min. I got momentarily confused when I got to the track, I couldn't figure out what was going on until an older man told me to keep on going around the track (hey I said I was new to this!). My time was 1hr32min. Andrea got in at 1hr29, so at least one of us made our goal :-) I did get dry heaves which I wasn't expecting but I am still excited to do it next year and beat my time!

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  1. For not even finishing C25K - and then the difficulty of that course, you totally rocked it!!